Old lady boobs…


I have a serious dilemma.  So yesterday I saw this little old lady at my gym in the locker room…and I couldn’t help but stare at her boobs when she was changing.   She is probably pushin 80 years old…and has one of the nicest racks I’ve ever seen in my life! She caught me staring at her boobs (I’m surprised I wasn’t drooling over them) and I just smiled and looked away.

So my questions is this?  What is the standard protocol for complimenting an old ladies tits?  I mean seriously…these things are friggin AMAZING!  Part of me wants to go up and motorboat them or give em a quick boob slap to see how firm they are.  Naturally…I didn’t do any of these things (yet)…but I swear the next time I see her…I’m gonna give the ole bitch a high five and compliment her twins.  It would be an injustice not to, and I encourage everyone to do the same as you see fit. Huge shout out to perky “granny-mammarys!”


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